Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jesus on a jumped up cross

I'm sitting here trying to figure out (desperately, I might add) how the heck so many months managed to pass since I last blogged. I'm going to blame it on a number of things: School, school and school (oh and we bought a new house). So, that's my excuse and we'll never speak of my lameness again.

So what's been going on in my sad, sorry world. Well, work is great. I'm working a ton (bit too much maybe, hehe), but I love it all. I done gradumacated...with my masters too. Crazy. I got my final research done and presented it at the Nebraska IAI conference, then wrote up a super long paper and got it accepted and am just waiting breathlessly for my actual diploma. If it ever comes, I will try to post a pic.

We bought a new house cuz we wanted one. (I think I wanted one more than Paul, but he was a good sport). I do think that he loves the new two-car garage and one acre he now has to mow. Okay, so he probably likes the garage way more than the acre, but who's counting? We still have our summer home in Kansas, although we're trying to sell it, but it's been on the market a couple of months and almost as much interest as the elections for president.

We're going to Jamaica still (pretty sure it's still there and all after that whole hurricane business). We even got our passports even though the government said it would take a while. Got the flights so we can't back out now, hehe.

After not blogging for so long, this is wearing me out. I'm exhausted. So I'll leave you with some cuteness overload (great-nieces).