Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So, whenever I rent games or new releases I get a free "favorites" movie. These are the older movies in the center of Blockbuster. Since we don't get out much, we haven't seen the vast majority of these. I just tend to randomly find movies. Sometimes I watch them, sometimes I have to take them back before I get a chance. So, this time I rented "Dead and Breakfast" and "Hard Candy". Since we've been playing with the Wii so much, we haven't had the chance to watch them. Since I accidentally fell asleep this afternoon after work, I figured I would be up for awhile so popped in "Dead and Breakfast". It was fabulous. Nice and gory, but funny too. There were moments I had to stop myself from laughing out loud since ol' Potter was in bed. Too bad, he missed out. I recommend it! Beth, this is for you!


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Games, games, games

Here's a little update on the Wii. I've been renting a few games to see what we like and what we don't like. Yes, our life is pathetic. But dammit, we're having some fun, heh.

Paul bought this at Sam's Club. Mainly because it came with a second Wii Remote so the game was really only about $10 if you were to take off the $35 pricetag of a Remote on its own. It's pretty fun. The best games are table tennis and pool. Paul kicks my butt at pool!

Paul has been playing this one. He seems to enjoy it. It mocks a "real" fishing experience pretty well, but has a little goofy stuff in it. He played for three hours the other day. I think he would like a fishing game of some sort, he's been having fun with this one.

We really like this game. I think I like it more than Paul. It's fun. Some of the MiniGolf courses are more luck than skill and the challenges within the games are pretty "challenging". Duh. I think though that after we have this for the full five days, I'll likely get most of the course done. Not sure if this is one for purchase or not.

This got really high reviews on most sites. I like the site for checking out games. They have a lot of screenshots and stuff. That way I have ideas of what I might want to rent. This game sucked. We did not like it. Neither Paul or I thought it was very fun at all. I actually returned this a day early to Blockbuster.

Probably the most fun is Wii Sports that came with the console. Bowling is super fun. Although the dog (Toby) is the first injury. I whacked him in the face with the remote on my approach. He screeched and I checked him over. He seemed okay, no bleeding and all teeth intact. He now hides out in the other room when we play. Smart dog! The other dog is not that smart and gets all up in the way if she can. It's been fun and gets us up and moving a bit more. I actually want to play right now, but Potter is watching something on TV. We should probably buy another TV!!! Heh. Funny.


Monday, November 17, 2008

X-Mas Come Early

Paul and I have been talking about something for a little while. We have thrown around the idea of buying a Wii. But we have been looking and looking for it and never seen one actually for reals in the store. Then today, fortunately, my dogs were out of food (I love our dogs). I went to Target to get dog food and checked as I always do and LO AND BEHOLD there was a freakin' Wii. Just one. On the shelf. I immediately texted my husband and then called him. We decided to buy it. Then we set it up. Holy crap. My arm is sore. I was actually sweating. It's awesome. So, we wanted to check out to see which games we might want to buy. Talk about being instantly overwhelmed. This is just on Target. Then you look at the accessories and your mind blows up even more.

I don't even know where to begin, but I think we'll start with Blockbuster and work through some game rentals and figure out what we might want. The good news is that our Christmas list just got super easy for the family! We'll have to have some people over once we get another controller and we can play some!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nuff-f***ing said

Exactly Mr. Olbermann. What the hell do people care if gays and lesbians want to marry? I have wanted to say something on my blog about this country's ideals. But I've been pretty disgusted so haven't. It's one step forward, then two steps back. Seriously. Anywoo, in one moment I am so proud of us as a country and in the very next, my stomach hurts at the idea that not only are we CHANGING THE CONSTITUTION TO EXCLUDE A GROUP OF PEOPLE, but we are also TAKING AWAY AND REMOVING THE RIGHTS THEY HAVE BECAUSE THEY ARE HUMAN FREAKING BEINGS.

What right do we have? What "God" gives me the right to deny another person civil rights? This is a slippery slope we are going down and yet, it's acceptable today because "God" tell me so? Well, that is not my "God." My "God" is the one who loves and wants people to be kind and forgiving to one another. My "God" is the little voice in my head that tells me what is right and wrong. I do not need to kneel in a pulpit to know what is right and what is wrong. Denying a basic civil right by changing the constitution of the state is disgusting.

The Mormon Church was behind the vast majority of the funding to say Yes to Prop 8. I'm pretty sure this is one of those glass houses situations. If you have LOTS of time, click here. That's all the news articles that comes up from google with the search Mormon and Prop 8. Makes you want to punch someone in the face (and I can pretty much guess who that would be).


Thursday, November 06, 2008

I live in a cave

So, because that fabulous video below was on, I (of course) had to go check out Slate and see what their take on stuff was. I found this.

As the title is "Shit Doesn't Happen...The Supreme Court's 100 percent dirt-free exploration of potty words", it obviously grabbed my attention. I had no idea that Fox was up against the wacky FCC

The best part of this article is watching the 2nd Circuit Court of New York hear this case. Get ready for some poopy mouths! It's about an hour and I only watched about 15 minutes, but I was kinda cracking up. Because dirty words are funny. Just see below.

There will never be another like that. He is missed.


Oh Canada!

I found this on a conservative right person's blog and it cracked me right the hell up. But really...Canada DOES look pretty good. Thank goodness I don't have to join for at least the next four years. Me and my eliteness. I know that most of my friends that read this are also the "elite". Us bastards.

Hope you enjoyed!


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

That Thar Fat Lady Done Sung...

America has spoken.

We have said a simple "no more" to fear-mongering, hatred, racism, divisiveness, ignorance, world hatred and war. 

We are living in amazing times and I am proud that I have seen America come so far in my lifetime. It is time for America to come together. You may have not voted for President-Elect Obama, but now is the time for strength and unity. We truly are only as strong as our people and we are always stronger when we breathe and live as one nation.

Embrace the brave new world. Do not allow the last two years of sometimes awful campaigning taint your view of our new President-Elect. He is not a Muslim. He is not a communist, Marxist or socialist. He was born in the United States.  He was sworn into office with the Bible, not the Quran. He most definetely is not the Anti-Christ. He is a Christian (much more than myself). He is a supporter of Israel. He loves this remarkable, amazing, diverse country.

Let us truly stand united and face the entire world with our strength, our hope, and our convictions.

I hope that those who voted for Senator McCain will take a page from his book last night. He was classy and gracious. He vowed to work with the new President to help with America's many challenges. I am convinced that the "real" John McCain was on that stage last night. A man of honor and integrity who is not afraid to fight and stand strong for his beliefs. Hopefully, McCain's supporters will stand strong behind our new president and help heal the wounds this country has felt for so long.

Normally, I don't wax so poetic, but this historic election and the direction that I hope this country is going in has inspired me. I can only have faith and hope that a President Obama will stay true to the American people he led to make history. 

Now, on a lighter note...Strategery. I can't tell you how excited I am that this is in Wikipedia.


Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Day Tomorrow!!

Donna Reed says to VOTE, so you better or she will totally not starch your underwear.

I like this classic poster. It's all about WOMAN power!! Women fought for OUR right to vote, so get YOUR ASSES OFF THE COUCH AND VOTE!!!!! Or the ghost of Susan B. Anthony will totally haunt you.

If you aren't sure where you're polling place is, please click here. Have fun kids and see ya' at the polls!


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween Party

Paul and I actually got into the Halloween spirit this year and went to a party at Beth and Daniel's house. Here's some fun photos of the different costumes.

Here's Beth the zombie with her unfortunate prom date Steve. Steve didn't have the lucky prom night he hoped when he asked the most popular girl at high school to the prom. Too bad for Steve.

Brenda is a Battlestar Galatica something-or-another. Maybe if you're lucky, she'll comment who she is. Cuz I don't watch the show so don't have a clue. I do know that the outfit took a lot of effort to make.

I had a pretty rough prom night too. Poor me and Steve. Although my prom night was probably about a million years prior to Beth and Steve's. Heh.

Paul is the scary surgeon!! With a totally goofy look on his face. He was really comfy all night long, as though he was in his pajamas. Lucky. Although mine was pretty comfortable, so I really can't complain. The neck prosthetic was the least comfortable thing and I removed it at one point (it really hurt to yank it off in case you were wondering).

Nikki is channeling the crazy spirit of Tom Cruise in Risky Business. She was very excited to have no pants on all night. Sorta wierdly excited when I think about it...hmmm. Curious.

AHHHHH...Beth the zombie is attacking Tom Cruise. She was not satisfied with her Steve-o Snacks. Greedy zombies.

Carolyn was Zorro. She had a sword. And a mask. But she didn't get to be covered in fake blood. So, it was pretty even on that score.

Well, there are some of the costumes. There was a lot of other creative ones but I'm going to direct you to Nikki's blog because we took the most pictures with her camera and I'm sure she'll add those soon. Hope you all had a nice, fun Halloween and didn't get your bowl of candy that you so graciously left on the front porch for the stupid little kids stolen. I WILL BE AVENGED!!!!