Sunday, November 04, 2007


Here's some photos from our trip. It was WONDERFUL!!! We had a great time and really enjoyed everything. We met a lot of great people and can't even tell you everything we did.

Us on the Sandals property. There are photo people that walk around and take shots for you.

Tell me THAT ain't pretty. Gotta love the beautiful ocean views.

This was our semi-private pool. We used it a lot. We shared with one other couple, but they never were in it.

We went horseback riding on land and then in the ocean. Look at lanky legs on his big ol' horse.

Paul's first sighting of the ocean.

Unfortunately, this photo of us didn't turn out so well. The "underwater" camera didn't like being underwater and all pics were fuzzy afterward. But we both really enjoyed snorkeling. I was buzzing around everywhere. Can't wait to do it again!

This was on the "booze cruise". They bring you drinks on their heads. This is an impressive feat because the wind was up and the boat was rocking quite a bit!

So, I want a horse and an ocean so that I can do this every day! It was amazing to ride in the water!

Took a while to get used to that damn ol' English saddle. Give me Western any day!

Us on the boat (booze cruise).

This is the main pool on the Manor side at Sandals. It's amazing and October is a great time to go as it's their "slow" season. There weren't a ton of people there!

Well, there are more photos, but I probably won't post them all here! Entirely too lazy for that jazz! Hope all is well and post to ya soon!