Sunday, January 21, 2007

Random Pics to make you glad you don't live here

We got some snow yesterday which made our drive back from NE a nightmare. Ashley (my car pool buddy for class) and myself left class at 4 pm and got home at 10:30 pm. It should be a 3 hour drive, but the snow caused a big accident on 1-29 which completely closed the interstate for a while. We were sitting at mile marker 81.0 for over an hour before they told us to turn around and go back North. We ended up in Mound City trying to decide if we should stay at the Super 8 there or just wait it out or what. We ended up touring the country to get all of 6 miles further down the interstate, but it was enough to get us going south again. We counted 12 vehicles off the road from St. Jo to KC. Fun times. Here's some pics of around home today. Looks gorgeous, but it's awful to try to drive in.

My back porch. Reminds me of the last time we had a snow like this. I posted some pics on here of that too. Same damn snow. Fluffy crap.

My poor little froggies are buried. Don't worry guys, soon it will be spring again and then I'll have the garden to talk about! I've already been planning it out!

Damn, isn't he cute?

My hard-working man trying to dig us out.

This is a pic of some stuffed peppers that I made the other night. They looked great and were delicious. I can't remember why I thought I should take a pic to post on here, but someday I might want to look back on it and remember that recipe that I threw together at the last minute. Wish I could remember now, but I have hope that I will get it someday again, lol.

Pics from Vegas

I'll post some pics so you all know I'm still around. I haven't gotten the pictures from the reception yet, but I'll post as soon as I have them!

My cousin Nicole. How adorable is she? Can't drink worth a damn though...ha! Just kidding. That girl can party. I can't keep up although I tried and paid for it the next day!

This is a bartender that is supposed to be giving Natasha and I a shot, but it looks like he's just molesting us. He's not, not that I remember and I think I would have ;)

Jeez, she looks so innocent, but check out those drinks in front of her. What a boozer! Hehe, not really, but the pic is hilarious. Mom was all sober because we were lit up like Christmas trees and she had to babysit us.

Nicole has been drinking...can you tell?

The dancing portion of the bachlorette party. We either were invited on stage or we sieged it. You decide!

3 or 4 am and still looking beautiful. Damn the young people. Damn them.

Check out that rock! I found this on and couldn't resist. Tash loved it. This is at the Tournament of Kings show.

At TofK again. The tiaras were another find off Too fun. The girls (Amber and Chrissy's) said "Bridesmaid", Tash was "Bachlorette" and mine was "Maid of Honor". Brooklyn looks ready to kick some ass in this pic.

Lining up for the wedding. Trying to get the little ones to walk with us. Brooklyn did good but Macy was like "Screw you guys. I see stuff I can break everywhere."

Ahhh...the kiss. Welcome to marital bliss! Er...something like that anyway. Lol.

The wedding party, minus the flower girls. They were busy being screaming children somewhere. From left to right, in case you care, is Christina, Amber, Me (just look for the old fart), Tash, Mitch, Joey (Mitch's brother), Ben and Ross.

The girly side of the wedding party. Me and my three beautiful nieces.

Another shot of the bridal party, in a slightly different spot at the Alexis Park Resort.

My brother and new father-in-law with Mitch and Mitch's dad, Don. Tuxes always make men look great!

Paul, Me, Art and Nicole. Not sure if Art is actually jumping on Nicole but I think he must like her.

Natasha, Mitch, Brooklyn and Macy in front of the Paris fountain.

Mom and Dad in front of the fountain too. We basically had to take a lot of pictures there cuz we're touristy like that.

Brooklyn and Macy sitting outside waiting with Mommy. I have no idea what we were waiting for or where we were going, but it probably involved a lot of walking.

Yeah, she is adorable. My great-niece Macy. She's a shit too so she's definately ours.