Sunday, June 18, 2006


Just a really short and quick note to let you all know what I've been up to recently. Hanging out with some unsavory individuals, let me tell ya. Yep, my internship started at the Med. Examiners office. This is my third day, and I can honestly say that I've learned far more in those three days than I did in the first year of graduate school. Handled my very first autopsy with flying colors. Apparently I have an here-to-for unknown iron stomach. We're at that time of the year that the dead no longer stay very "fresh" and that's all I'll say about that.

Everyone here is amazing and so very helpful. They are truly good people who do a really difficult job, with no props whatsoever. They don't expect (or often get) a thaink you from the public. They are hounded by the media for answers to questions they either don't have, or can't give out. They go out in the heat, snow, rain, whatever to do their jobs and I have yet to hear any true complaining from any of them. They crawl into some of the most abysmal situations and are proficient at a job most people can't imagine doing. They are also regarded with a kind of "freak show" curiosity by the mainstream population, i.e. "How can they DO that?" Remarkable bunch of people. Next time you see your local investigator, give them a hug (and hope they aren't packing iron).

Right now it's a little boring as we haven't had anything for a while. Hoping it picks up a bit next week. I want to see and learn as much as I can. So plan on working as much as I can as well, although I need to get some laundry done. I was only able to find 4 pairs of khakis on my "khaki-quest" last week, so need to wash them up so I have something to wear. Also ran out of big ol' Sudafed pills and soda at home. NEED SODA. CAN'T SURVIVE WITHOUT IT. Soooo...better hit the store. Anyway, I'll chat at ya'll later

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Garden Pics!

I'm posting some pics of my garden in all it's glory. I'll try to explain what they are and not screw up too bad. If you can't tell, I'm totally obsessed with my garden, hehe. Here goes.

Can't resist showing off the cherry tomatoes we'll soon be enjoying! I have a feeling we're going to get a rush of them, then dry out for a bit but damn, I'll take what I can get!

That's all one species of cherry tomato! I think I may have overplanted JUST A BIT! I honestly thought most of them wouldn't survive the transplant, but they surprised me. I lost only two plants.

Sweet peppers in the foreground and the MONSTROUS zucchini plants in the back. Can you believe how HUGE these are?

One more pic of the zucchini. I just can't get over these guys.

Just showing you how large these zucchini leaves are. That's my wittle ol' hand there. Monsters. bean plants. They are bush variety so won't vine out, but they look like they're thinking of starting up some flowers. This variety only will harvest 2-3 times, so you need to keep a continous supply of seedlings going. Which I haven't done yet. This weekend will be for that.

My two lonely ol' cucumber plants. They're flowering so that's a good sign.

My containers of stuff. Left is basil and right is romaine lettuce. I'm expecting the lettuce to wilt out soon as it's way too hot for it. But the basil is doing well.

Right is parsley, left is cilantro. I'm pretty happy about the herbs, but I'll tell ya, nobody got seeds like Gurney's! I will be ordering herbs from there next year so I have a shot at getting something decent.

Let me know what ya'll think!