Monday, July 14, 2008

It's the fun time...

So, this is the fun time in the garden when everything is starting to come up and grow into delicious things :)

First, Sunday was the day Paul and I saved and froze tons of stuff that we had harvested. We have green beans and zucchini. Tons of cucumbers have come up too.

Here's the handy-dandy Food Saver that Paul's family got us one year for Christmas. It's dead useful. You just wash the stuff, get it ready for eating (cut up or whatever), put in the bags. Then blanch in boiling water and then dump in ice water to stop the cooking process. Then, into the freezer to enjoy in the long, cold, miserable winter months.

A little salad of cucumbers and some onions. The cucumbers taste SOOO much better and the skins are really soft and tender, so completely edible. I plan on doing pickles this next weekend.

Holy shit. Here's the bounty, ready for blanching.

Same idea as above, but different angle. Because I really want everyone to appreciate the bounty. And then be jealous. Ha.

Portofino. The squash bugs are starting to win, but oh well. I think the key is to just plant a shit-load of plants and get what you can before the bugs descend. And be damn grateful that the bugs allowed you to have the little they did.

Holy corn, Batman. It keeps getting blown over by the wind, but seems to be picking itself up. In the foreground are tomatoes.

Standard, regular zucchini. I haven't even remotely been able to keep track of how many we've given away and frozen and eaten.

More of the corn.

Cherry tomatoes. If we get all of these, we'll be buried in tomatoes. And I will be rolling in joy.

Roma tomatoes!!

Cherry just to mix it up (as you can see, I've now figured out what is what).

Roma. Yeah, baby. you see what I see? That's corn. Really. Wow. It's working.

Silk. Hmmm....corn is fabulous. Hope I get a lot. And I now have the answer to the question that has been keeping me up at night. This particular species of corn only grows one cob per stalk. Good to know. Not very efficient. I would prefer one that has a lot of ears. I'm greedy.

Baby little canteloupe.

Not so baby canteloupe. I was totally stocked when I saw that. I got giddy. NERD ALERT!!!

Cucumbers, more a coming!

The terribly LONG cucumber plants. They are huge.

Grow cukes. Grow. I want pickles.

Thought you all deserved a lot of pictures because I had slacked off a little bit. But I'm on my game again!


Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

Once in a while you go out in the garden and find this. Good day :)

Some of these got away from me a little bit. They got bigger than I like, but there's no complaints here! My corn did get a little destroyed by a big storm we had Wed. night. I think I lost about 15 or 20 stalks. Hopefully, that's it for the destruction! Cuz otherwise, sorry Nikki, no sharing if there's only a few, haha.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Because not only am I bored but way behind the trends, I decided to Simpsonize my nieces and nephew (the greats). Here's the results (by the way, it in no way matters what picture you put in there because these were all done with a pic of Brooklyn).






Yep. I'm a nerd because rather than go to bed at a reasonable time, this is what I did last night. The garden is going mostly okay, but I think I have squash bores trying to kill the zucchini. Cuz that's what they like to do. Because they suck a lot. Literally. But anyway, we've still managed to get over 25 zucchinis to eat and enjoy. They have been very delicious so far. I am waiting on everything else to decide to come up. The tomatoes are just starting to show signs of blooming, so I'm excited about that. Wow. I just re-read this post and it's incredibly boring. Sorry about that. I suck. I should quit now before people start throwing themselves out the window to not have to read any more.