Friday, September 23, 2005

Let's not forget "man's best friends"

If you can help the humane society keep doing the unbelieveable work they're doing, please donate to the Katrina Fund. Below are some stats from

• Run a massive search-and-rescue operation in Louisiana and Mississippi, where we have saved more than 6,000 animals from some of the most deplorable conditions imaginable. The operation has required massive numbers of people and massive amounts of equipment and supplies, from vehicles to telecommunications to food and water. It's believed to be the largest deployment for animal rescue in the nation's history.

• Maintain the world's largest shelter in Gonzales, Louisiana, about 60 miles north of New Orleans, where dozens of HSUS staff, more than 40 veterinarians, and hundreds of volunteers from local animal care and control facilities and humane societies across the United States and Canada provide around the clock care for dogs, cats, and exotics. We also maintain a parallel operation in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, again with staff, veterinarians, and volunteers. Animal control personnel, many of whom have gone through our Disaster Animal Response Team training, have deployed to both locations.

• Feed and water animals in their homes and on the streets. This approach allows animals who are in no danger to stay in their homes, where owners will eventually return and resume care of them.

• Rescue more than 1,000 farm animals and placed them in shelters, where they will live out their natural lives.

• Finance the rebuilding of animal shelters in the devastated region. We recently announced a pledge of $2.5 million for a Gulf States Shelter Reconstruction Fund. We are seeking to raise $10-$15 million for this program alone.

• Fund the emergency animal shelter in Baton Rouge, which is run by the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine and the Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association. We have donated $150,000 to support the facility, which is caring for owned animals until owners can return to their homes or find new places to live.

• Pay for a basic veterinary services plan for animals whose owners have been displaced by the storm. We have committed an initial $25,000, and will provide more as needed, to help fund the HSUS/AAHA Katrina Pet Wellness Program, a joint effort of The HSUS and the American Animal Hospital Association. The program offers reimbursement of veterinary practices, up to $125 per pet, for basic treatments, including physical examinations, vaccinations, heartworm medications, and short-term supply of chronic medications.

• Cover the costs to transport thousands of animals to local humane societies and other rescue groups across the country. What's more, we are paying to reunite owners with their companion animals, even if the animals have been sent out of state, to create more space for rescued animals. Nearly 400 animals have already been reunited with their owners at the Gonzales and Hattiesburg sites.

• Press the federal government to include animals in future disaster plans. We are expecting the government to help with direct rescue of animals in future disasters, and to make plans to allow evacuees to bring their pets to shelters.

• Operate a national call center to obtain information on pets abandoned in New Orleans and other stricken areas. Our operations took thousands of calls from people who lost their pets; from caring humanitarians willing to foster abandoned pets and, in many cases, their evacuated families; and from individuals who have offered to travel to the impact zones to assist with the rescue and care of the animals.

• Deploy a team of HSUS reporters and videographers to document the crisis for the world to view via The national and local media have used this site for video clips, and HSUS reporters have provided coverage of every phase of the crisis, with daily reporting from the field.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

It's been a while

Yeah, yeah, so I haven't updated for a while. Oh well. Here's the update you've all been anxiously awaiting. Hah. It's hard to be this funny. Anyway, not much to say, but I'll yabble for a bit. I've got to get a presentation done and didn't get it done last night so tonight's the night! Fun times. Also, wanted to get my paper done that's due next class (not 27th, but Oct. 8th) and didn't do that either. My excuse is that I went and bought a scanner, but Office Max is getting rid of the one I wanted, so they could only find one in the entire area but they're picking it up today and it should be waiting for me. Then stopped into the new Shoe Carnivale and had a great time checking out boots. Ended up buying some wicked bitch boots with a stilleto heel. And bonus! I can walk in them! I figure I'm going to build my entire outfit for the anniversary party from the boots. So, need to go shopping eventually and find something. Also, since I'll be getting the scanner (finally!) I can get the DVD done for the party too. I have a TON of pictures to scan in so I'm guessing that will be a several night thing. Although, I just may marathon it and get the damn thing done. Can't wait to see my parents and my aunts that are coming for the party. The time is flying by and I still need to get some decorations bought and decide on a "theme." We're going with a hot meal, so pass the word on! Don't eat. Haven't gotten hardly anything for the scrapbook of memories, but hopefully, they'll start rolling in. There's no way I'll get that done before the party since I haven't gotten but three so far. Damn you people! Get to going! Actually, though, haven't bought the scrapbook either yet, so that's okay too. I'll do that sometime as well. I think I better make a list of things that still need to be done and start getting to it as it's only a few weeks away now. I can't wait to get this damn thing over with so I can just relax and enjoy my parents. Also, need to put in time off at work. I think I still have 8 vacation days to use, but I'm not sure what or how much I'll be asking off. The structure that has been giving us fits maybe is getting tons better as of yesterday, so that's a relief. We've been struggling with the stupid thing forever and finally we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's not publishable yet, but it's closer. Okay, well, better get to work. Sorry this was so boring, but my brain is pretty well fried.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I'm an addict

Well, so I got my new makeup and absolutely love it. I can't imagine ever going back to creamy foundations again. But that's not what I'm addicted to. It's eBay. My hubby is always on there and I checked to see what the prices for the new makeup are and um...yeah, there's THOUSANDS being sold at dirt-cheap prices. And tons of sample sizes to try stuff out. I just got a heck of a special deal from a wonderful grammy on the internet. She was nice enough to put together a sample package just for me to try out on my mom. She's got darker (MUCH darker) skin tone than I do and I got the light foundation for me, but just wanted some to use on her, so I ended up with two different colors of foundation, three (or four, can't remember) colors of eyeshadow, three blushes and a brush for $20! eBay rocks my world baby. So, Mom, if you're reading this...can't wait to try it out on you. I can't imagine you'd be allergic to this stuff! It's absolutely wonderful!

Eric, no that comment wasn't towards you, sorry man. It was something else, but figured I'd be getting some wiggy about it. I'm bummed out cuz my little buddy Ewic is coming to KC, but it's a school weekend, so he'll just have to TRY to have fun without me (if that's possible, lol).

Okay, just a short little blog and now I'm off to bed.


Friday, September 09, 2005

Funny ol' me

Well, this is turning into a "weekly" update. Been busy at work (as usual) but I actually am very proud of myself right this second. I have a paper due on Sat. and I got the bulk of it done several days ago and printed the final version out last night. This having to travel is forcing me not to procrastinate which is a new thing for me. Hopefully, I continue to be a good girl and get a gold star. It was a really weird paper to write and I have no idea if I did it the way she wanted. But I have the same teacher for the next year, so once I know what she's going for, I'm golden. Next up is finishing up the take-home exam and getting the presentation ready.

So, did something last weekend, but since the person that can't know about it, reads this blog, I can't say anything. Ha! That'll make ya'll wonder. I was trying to find my pin number for my new debit card from my Stafford loan refund and instead found a bunch of old pictures. I'm attaching one here for laughs. This was last year at Halloween. I went to a friend's mother-in-law's bar where they have a big to-do and costume contest. I didn't know about it until just a couple of days before Halloween so had to just randomly pick something out of the leftovers at Wal-Mart for a costume. You can tell too. It's kinda out of character for me to look slightly slutty, but it was all they had that actually covered all my naughty bits.

I've ordered and am trying out a new makeup (please don't tell my Mary Kay lady, haha). It's Bare Escentuals mineral makeup and it's supposed to actually be good for your skin since it has zinc oxide in it (same thing in a lot of acne medications) and is made entirely of minerals (no chemicals and nasty stuff that's usually found in cream makeup) but we'll see. I've discovered the wonderful world of eBay through this and have been getting helluva good deals on the prices. I'll let you all know what I think of the makeup. What I'm hoping for is not to break out. So, there's my goal. It's good to be shallow. If anyone wants to try it out, tons and tons of people on eBay sell samples (usually 1/8-1/4 tea) for really pretty cheap, and the nature of this stuff is that small amount will last about 20 days, so plenty of time to figure out if you like it or not. Look at me! I'm selling a product I haven't even tried yet. Ack. It should be here sometime today.

Also, throwing around the idea of trying microdermabrasion to lessen the scars on my face. My own personal makeup guru has said that it's wonderful for that, but recommends doing several treatments to get the full effect. Unfortunately, it's $160 a pop, so have to try to balance that out with the idea of doing it. Basically, it's apparently like sand-blasting your skin and that sounds like just the ticket. She even offered to do it for me for free if I can just get to Chicago! Which I would love to see her and maybe just need to plan a trip on a holiday weekend and just get the hell out there.

My cousin set up a meeting with the Hy-vee caterer today at 2 pm so I can get more information from them about how much and what exactly they do for the party. But it's looking as though we're going to serve a pretty full meal at the party with fried chicken and baked ham. Hopefully, since it's so late, we'll still have people to feed. I've asked pretty much everyone on the planet if they were going to something that started at 7 pm whether they would be expecting a meal and Tracy said it the best. That if it were she, she would eat something light so if they did, she'd still have room for food, but if they didn't, she'd not be starving. I'll let everyone I can know if we decide to have a meal, so the word can be spread around. I would've included it in the invitations, but at the point we still hadn't made a decision and this catering idea is a fairly new one as we thought it'd be way too expensive, but Hy-vee is actually about half the price of everything else we've seen.

Well, anyway, I think I'd better get in the shower and get to steppin' so I'm not late for my appointment. I have to mail some stuff off to my parents anyway, so will get that done too. And something off to my Uncle Johnny so he can stop being mad at me. Haha. Love you all! Type to ya in another week!