Sunday, April 20, 2008

Promised Photos

Pretty girl :)

Remy was playing with this stick but then decided when I got the camera out that it wasn't interesting anymore.

These are spinach seeds finally coming up!

There's all kinds of delicious things growing in here. Broccoli, radishes and cabbage. The carrots aren't doing anything yet.

The strawberry bed with Brody's big butt in the way. The mulch is really, really helping with it. They look great. Notice the pawprints? Yeah, some dog is walking in there.

Tomato plants where are you?? Please grow...please!

Check these two out. They have become buddies. Well, Remy LOVES Toby. Toby tolerates Remy.

No more cedar trees. Potter 1, Nature 0.

You can see it looks better. The stumps will be ground down as soon as the tree people come back with a not-broken-anymore stump grinder. The path down the middle has definitely gotta be fixed.

WHAT ARE YOU??? These are huge and not so neat and cute anymore. With no flowers, I haven't a clue what they could be.

These ones are actually coming up AROUND the weed barrier. Stubborn shits.

Well, that's all the photos for now. Have a great Sunday :)


Friday, April 18, 2008

Doggie Porn

Here's Remy's dead sexy pose. She's splayed out and all kinds of comfy. It was cracking me up so much I had to take a picture. Everyone else would have a good laugh about me very sneakily trying to get the camera and not disturb. I was so happy I got this photo. I can't wait to show her mom. I'm corrupting her sweet and innocent dog. She's going to have a bawdy brawler on her hands when she gets her on Sunday. Hehe.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

House guest

We bought my dog Toby a $22 bed a while ago at Sam's Club. He refuses to lay or sleep in it. It drives Paul absolutely insane. I took a photo that should make him feel better. Our house guest is loving the bed after I pointed it out to her. Here's some shots of Remy not missing her mommy at all (ok, so mostly she really is standing at the door waiting for her to rescue her from this house of horrors).

See Toby! The bed is COMFY dammit. Glad someone will get some use out of it. Paul was ready to burn the damn thing and I haven't heard the end of it since I was the one who wanted to buy it. How was I to know Toby prefers a corner of a blanket to the rich comfort of a doggie bed?

Here's Remy looking sad and defeated. I'm not sure if it's because she hates staying here or because I was taking pictures. Her mom takes TONS of pictures so she should be used to it. Or she's so sick of it and thought she was going to get a break while here. Who knows. I'm sure she'll be happy to get home though!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm a layyyzy

So, I haven't blogged in a while because it's been fairly boring out in the garden so far. I was actually getting worried about the raised beds because they weren't really showing up anything that I seeded. Finally, I'm starting to see some green! Hopefully, we'll have some nice moderate temps for a while so the lettuce can get nice and yummy. I'm waiting for them to get big and strong and then will add mulch into those beds. It gets tiresome to water every other day and the strawberry bed is doing really, really well with it's mulch cover. The plants are taking hold beautifully and didn't seem to be harmed by our brief cold snap (screw your "karma" Nikki!!) Today was a day for seeding some tomato plants (a little bit late, but better than never). Next year, I think I may just go buy plants and stick them in the ground. Seems the lazy way to do it. Everything else is going to be direct-seeded because I don't have the trays for everything. We'll see how it goes even if it is really recommended to seed inside, I'm going to be a rebel. Cuz I'm WILD like that. I love living on the edge.

Nothing too exciting going on except that we had two really big trees in the front of the house removed. They were ugly ol' cedars and Paul hated them. I wasn't really on board with chopping them down because I'm a tree-hugger but he won the round and the trees are gone. I hate (always) to admit that he was right, but the house looks so much cleaner and neater and there's tons more light everywhere. We plan on putting some much smaller flowering trees in place of them but we aren't sure what yet. We're still exploring our options and I think we may get the old path fixed up first. It looks awful now that it's not being hidden by the trees. I'll try to post some pictures of the before and after if I can find a before (which I don't think I have). Paul salvaged some chunks of the trees and plans on making some benches. And as an interesting side note, I'll have to take some pics of my miracle mystery plants. More are popping up and they are getting HUGE. No flowers yet, so no idea what the hell they are.

That's pretty all for now since I'm terribly exciting like that.


PS We're having a sleepover guest for the next couple of days. The dogs are especially excited for Remy to come visit. She's my friend's dog and we're watching her tomorrow until Sunday. I got your bed ready Remy!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More child labor

The girls came by on Sunday and helped their ol' auntie get some mulch in the strawberry bed and then they seeded some companion flowers into the other two beds. I promise that they really, really wanted to do this. Even though it was somewhat a rainy, dreary day, they had a blast. They can't wait to continue "decorating the garden."