Monday, February 27, 2006

Yadda, yadda, yadda

Edit to add in Paul's. He's gained a bit, but dammit, don't give up you SOB! (Yeah, that's a loving wife for ya!)

There so much to write about, but I'll just try to hit the high points. To get the weigh-in out of the way, first mine. I'll edit to add in Paul's after he gets back from Junction City.

As you can see, I had a very good week to make up for my cheating, so I'm pretty stoked about that. Now, to get the umph to start exercising. Anybody got a red hot poker?

So, Thurs. we went to see Lewis Black in Lawrence. Very small venue and we were pretty damn close (only 5th row). Is it possible to over-use your smiling muscles? We laughed for pretty much 2 hours straight. We got to Lawrence, picked up our tickets and walked down on Mass Ave to grab a bite (we had about 45 min before they'd start seating). We randomly choose this place called the JayHawker because it didn't seem terribly busy. We were seated and proceeded to wait for any sort of waiter-guest contact for about 10 min. My hubby actually got pissed and wanted to leave, so we left. Now, for those of you that know my hubby, he's pretty damn patient (you might've guessed that because we've been married for nearly 8 years and he hasn't killed me yet). He's the kind of guy that could get the wrong food entirely and just eat it rather than send it back, or he won't get something that should've came with his meal and he won't say anything. Me on the other hand, well, I'm a bigmouth. I'm usually the one who gets all fired up. But the place wasn't cheap and he said if we're gonna drop $50 in this joint I damn well expect some service. That's it in a nutshell anyway. So we went to this other place and cheated royally. We each had two drafts of Boulevard and I can only say it was like ambrosia. Yum. I even caught a tiny buzz! Shocking, I know. That's what not really drinking does to ya. I had spicy chicken fingers (the aroma made my eyes twitch, so you know it was really spicy) and Paul had a melt with lots of veggies. So, we really only cheated with the bread on his sandwich, the breading on mine and the beers, so in retrospect not as bad as I thought. I'd tell you more about the show, but I'm lazy and going to move onto other things.

My garden is officially starting! I spend a couple of hours yesterday getting the seeds planted in a jiffy greenhouse to start em up now. Just so you know. Bean seeds are freakin' huge. We're trying a couple of different varieties of cherry tomatos, Big Beef tomato (more regular size), sweet peppers, zucchinis, two types of beans (topcrop and something else-brain fart), cucumbers, canteloupe, and onions. There could be more I'm forgetting, but I think that's it. So, for dinner tonight, we'll be sending up a sacrificial rotesserie chicken to pray for the growth of at least some of them. I packed so many beans in those little peat pots, we could be shortly taken over entirely. If you don't hear from us for a while, send in a search party with machetes to hack us out.

Also installed my 250 GB external hard drive. Didn't even fry the damn thing, so success! Managed to successfully partition the drives as well. 100 GB for system backups and 150 (actually around 140GB) for miscellaneous stuff to help free up my computer. Haven't gotten everything moved over yet, just iPhoto pics. Next is the iTunes library, but there's a trick to that and I can't remember it. I'm going to move over some of the applications that I don't use regularly too. The enclosure came with a little fan which is good because I can feel some heat coming off it anyway so can't imagine what it would feel like without the fan.

Giving a class presentation on Thurs. and haven't really done anything yet, so that's for tonight and tomorrow night. Betta bust ass on it to get it to the group on Wed. So, will be in Lincoln by early Thurs or late Wed. If I feel perky enough, I'll drive Wed., but if not, Thurs. morning. The weather is supposed to get into the 70s this week! AHHHH, spring :) Our final is this Sat. so wish me luck in NOT procrastinating.

Amber's baby shower is this weekend too and I'm going to help my niece (oldest one) go through and organize the massive amount of baby clothes she has to give some to Amber. Since we're doomed to have all girls, it works out well in the clothes arena, but Tash has no idea what all she has. Sunday, we'll decorate and have the shower. Hope to see some of you there! Better go get lunch ready!


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

This close to $365 million...

I got a little Powerball fever since I actually bought $10 worth of tickets in LINCOLN!! Not at the store that they sold the winning ticket to, but still. What a bummer. Here's a weblink in case you want to see if you have any winnings coming to you:

Good luck and remember the little people.


Fat chicks GONE

Okay, I think I fixed all the trackers, but the new one isn't as cool. I actually have to update on their page to get the new code. The other one I could just copy it and change the values. Sigh. Oh well. I'll just bookmark and continue on. Better get to eating some breakfast!


Where'd the fat guy and the pig go?

Grahics went bye-bye and the site that I got them at before, when I tried to create new ones, the HTML code isn't working. Be patient and I will get it all fixed! Someday, lol. And I'm changing my goal weight to 120 which I think is more realistic and if I did actually see 115, that I don't think I'll look okay. There is such a thing as TOO thin (no really, there is, I promise!)


Monday, February 20, 2006

Diet do good!

Well, I actually gained 1/2-lb, but have managed to get into a smaller size, but cheated a bit this weekend with a dinner made by my cuz's hubby. Amazing that a little pasta nailed me, lol. Paul's nearly at his goal and feeling sooo good about himself! I haven't seen him this happy with himself in a while, so it's a good thing I'm such a bitch and forced him on this diet. He's been doing unbelievably awesome and I'm so proud that's he's gotten so gung ho about it. Hopefully, we'll see some positive changes in his cholesterol levels which I'm guessing we might get sometime this week. I went and bought some cute new clothes, woohoo! Now I want MORE :)

Went out with friends last night to an Italian joint. We did pretty good with what they had available. But I'm going to be really cautious this week because of my screw-ups over the weekend. I'm thinking that my body is probably pretty happy with this weight and now I'm going to have to start working out to tighten up. Sigh. But our cable company now has fitTV programs on demand that's Paul's been doing, so I might try some of those and see if that keeps me from getting bored. Better get back to work! Will write more tonight after I get home!


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Black in Lawrence

Yesterday on the radio I heard that Lewis Black is going to do his show in Lawrence on the 23rd, so Paul and took a look and we managed to get seats in row E, just left of the stage! I'm so excited. He switched with someone at work so he gets off at 7 pm and the show starts at 10 pm. We're going to leave around 8 to get our tickets at the box office. Wasn't too bad as far as price, but I think it's worth it. I'm justifying it by saying it's our reward for doing well on the diet. Woohoo!

Paul went to the doctor yesterday and they don't think it's exactly a hernia. They think he may have just injured himself by doing too many push-ups and sit-ups and with the 'rapid weight loss.' So, they're playing it safe and just having him go easy and NO working out! But the doc did say that the diet we're on is great. Since they had him there, they did an EKG and drew blood for a whole round of tests, including cholesterol and kidney/liver function. EKG was normal, so no problems there. With his family history though, he definitely needs to be going and getting checked out. He really liked the nurses and doctors there (they're mine) and hated his old doc so hopefully that will help him to go more often. He's going back in 2 weeks to see if he feels better with his injury, and if he doesn't then they will most likely do a sonogram to see if it really is a hernia.

My trip to CA got cancelled unexpectedly. Turns out (just found this out yesterday) that they moved my classes, so rather than having them every two weeks, they moved one up, so we have them each week for two weeks. This completely screwed everything up and I now have class on the 22nd. So, no trip for me. Fortunately, Southwest allows you to make changes to your flight, so I went ahead and re-booked it for May (after classes are over, so NO more screw-ups) and am going into Vegas to spend some time with mom and dad. Figured might as well, since I'd already spent the cash on the LA flight. Only cost me an extra $3, so that's okay! Have to cancel hotel yet, but already contacted the person who's organizing and in charge of the convention and she's going to donate my membership. So very bummed out about missing out on that, but oh well. I can't skip one class, it's the equivalent of missing nearly one month's worth in a regular program. But it's good that I get to see mom and dad for sure now. Paul's saying that while I'm gone, he's going to tear up our bathroom and start the remodel. We were intending to use our federal refund back (I kept telling him we weren't getting much, but he's an eternal optimist). I did taxes the other night and HAHAHAHA, yeah. We're getting squat back, which turns out to be less than squat since we have to pay into Missouri and Kansas both. Nice. We need some kids, quick. The only thing that saved us from having to pay into federal is the lifetime learning credit. That thing rocks!

Okay, better get back to work!


Monday, February 13, 2006

Real update!

Okay, so decided to take some time out from my 'busy' working to update a bit. Not too much really to talk about, but I'll try, hehe.

Made Paulie-boy a doctor's appointment for Wed. at 2:30 to see my doctor. He doesn't like his doctor who did the whole 'you have chicken pox, no wait...maybe you don't' thing. But he had me make it because he knew he wouldn't do it unless he called right when he was in the middle of a serious pain. We're thinking it's a hernia but we don't really have a clue and the doctor will most likely end up sending us to a specialist. If that's what it is, surgery for Paul. He's not happy at that prospect, but he'll get over it. And nowadays, they do it laproscopically, so should be okay on recovery time.

Made my plans to get to L.A. in April and I'm pretty pumped. I was planning on flying into Ontario, CA then out of L.A., but there was a nearly $100 price difference. BALLS! So my cousin was gracious enough to be willing to get me at LAX and save me some cashola. My flight is going to be much earlier than I'd planned because she asked a friend who is a limo driver and the best times are between 1 and 3 pm. Less traffic and nuttiness. Maybe I'll see someone famous! Then I'm spending Wed. and Thurs. there and then Fri. Nicole is driving me into L.A. (again, poor girl) to get to my hotel. Leaving Sunday for home. Looking forward to it and trying to talk my parents into meeting me at my aunt and uncle's Wed. but we'll see. It would be great since I haven't seen them since Oct. (Hint, hint Mom and Dad.)

In June is my internship and that's going to be full-time for 2 weeks. I'm doing it here to save money and be able to sleep in my own bed the whole time. The medical examiner's office is at Truman Med Center in KC, MO and we didn't get a ton of helpful information about how this all works. I spoke to the lecturer from last Sat. afterwards (she's the one that does the hiring at NE State Patrol Lab). Of course, I begged her to remember me since I would be looking for a job, lol. But she's a smoker and when we were outside toking up our ciggies, we chatted about the internship. She did her's here too and said some of the investigators are like "Yay, let's go!!" and others don't even talk to you, so you have to invite yourself often. But I think I can be pushy if I had to be. Not the first couple of days, but after that, probably. Next class we're taking a tour of the State Patrol crime lab in the morning so that should be pretty cool. We'll get to see the ballistics expert do a water trap shot and comparison. Don't know what else we'll see, but I'm sure it will be super interesting.

My niece is planning on getting married in Vegas, but it's been difficult to get things organized. She's trying to decide what exactly she wants and what the budget is and which hotel to do it at. Hopefully, she'll be able to get that going soon so we can start making plans. I'm excited because I've never spent anymore than an hour or so in Vegas and I think it would make a fun trip and Paul has already committed to going.

I'm getting a cold and I seem to be self-destructive the last couple of days. I've scratched up or sheered off the skin on my hands in three places in the last couple of days. Hurts like hell! Also, may be getting a cold, which pisses me off to no end. My great-niece Macy was seeming to be just coming down with something last Sat when my brother was watching them, so might have picked it up from holding her. Well, I'd better get back to work and be a little productive. Talk to you all soon!



DOH! Edit on Tuesday since I screwed up Paul's weigh-in. Can't be adding pounds that aren't really there!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Update, update

A little late on the tracker, but we did weigh in yesterday, so here's the skinny, haha. As you can see, I've slowed WAY down, but at least it's still a loss and Paul has slowed down too some, but still raring away. I'm so very proud of how dedicated he's been with this. He does think since he's losing his tummy fat, he thinks he has a hernia which is no longer being held in by the big belly, lol. So, he'll be going to the doctor really soon and I'm hoping he'll get a blood screen for cholesterol and see where he's at. I plan on hitting it up really soon too for the screen myself and see how I'm doing. I've never done the full screen, just when you give blood, they give you an overall and mine was 109 last time. I have a feeling my HDL vs. LDL were out of whack and hopefully that's better now. Well, back to work!