Friday, March 31, 2006


Need to be writing a paper, but I'm pooped. Might bang it out in the morning. Niece is still cooking jr., so we're good (actually, it's a little girl, so not sure if 'jr' applies here). So, rather than moan and groan about my job or about school, here's some damn funnies my Auntie sent me. Enjoy!


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

She lives!!

Yeah, yeah. Haven't updated in a while. Let's go easy...remember this is my 6 weeks in a row of driving to NE for class. Fun times. I'm down to only two left now. This weekend ended up being a bit scary. On Fri. about midnight my niece went into pre-marture labor and ended up being in the hospital until Mon around noon. They managed to hold off the contractions for the most part. I spent most of the weekend at the hospital with her and her sisters. Got to experience all that great hospital food. You'd think they would have the whole 'let's be healthy' thing down pat, but NO! Guess they want to stay in business from those coronaries. So, the diet pretty much was a total waste this weekend, trying to recover from that.

Boss was nice enough to let me have yesterday off so I could spend more time there (actually, I didn't really ask, just offered to drive in and come to work whenever she got out of the hospital). He told me to stay my sleepy butt there and get some rest.

Got into Lincoln on Friday night and took a quick shower and met up with Chris at the city pool tournaments. Ha. Who knew. I saw my very first boyfriend EVER there. We dated in 9th grade and I was all madly in love with him (as in love as a 9th grader possibly can be). How funny. WEIRD, but funny.

Next weekend, I think Tracy's hosting her sister's bachelorette party. I just thought of that this second. Hm. Better call her up and make sure. I gotta get some panties for the party (no worries, for a game). I'm wiped so going to bed. Just wanted to let you all know, I'm still HERE!!!


Thursday, March 09, 2006


I was reading back through the blog and realized I hadn't updated on some stuff I said I would. Paul got his test results back and his cholesterol is a shining 176! He's a little high on the bad cholesterol, but nothing that can't be put in check. His potassium levels were a tad high so they had him come back 2 weeks later and get tested again. Well, today those test results came back and the potassium was much higher this time. They narrowed it down to the possibility of peanuts and peanut butter being the culprit, so he can't have any nuts for the next two weeks until THOSE results come back. Paul's tummy was hurting him again, so I think when he sees the doc about the K+ levels, he needs to talk to him about that too.

Amber's baby shower went really well, lots of people came and we had pretty good snacks (cake, cupcakes, nuts, etc). The night before my oldest niece and I went through the girls' closet and got some organization going. We separated out all the clothes and got them either hung up, put in dressers or in the 'give away' pile. Before we started that, my niece actually made me dinner. Lasagna, yummy. I was very impressed. Amber got a TON of diapers and really useful stuff. I think she was happy with it.

After waiting and watching on eBay for several months, I finally got my UGGS for what I wanted to pay. Nothing like getting something 2/3 cheaper than retail. :)

We're going to expand our garden since it looks as though most of the stuff will be growing. If it looks like it's going to really produce, I need to learn about freezing and canning. Don't want anything to go to waste. Still spinning my wheels at work so I have low job satisfaction right now. I can't got any further without either new data or some help. Boss has been working from home for a while now, so haven't even seen him for a week. Hopefully, he'll be in today sometime so we can go over some stuff and he can let me know if I should take every Friday off or not for the next month.

For those of you who may not know this, Mom had bunion surgery last Thurs. She didn't tell very many people since she didn't want to 'make a big deal out of it.' They didn't have to put a pin in the left foot, just shave the bone down (yeah, gave me the shivers typing it) so her recovery time should only be 2 weeks or so. They think they'll have to pin the right foot thought, so she'll be bored for 6 weeks. She's already going pretty crazy right now not working. I would be catching up on sleep which I desperately need (ah well, I can sleep 5 weeks from now). I'm whining, better stop. :)

Here's some pics of my wacky kitty who found a much preferable home today. He didn't move from this box for at least 20 min and was still there when I left for work. I can't imagine how he got his fat butt in there, but it's adorable!


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Attack of the killer BEAN plants!

Here's the promised photos after finishing up the transplant. Each of the little mutants have their own home now. If they all actually produce beans, we'll have beans to last a couple of years. I'm guessing some won't survive the final transplant into the garden, so we'll see what happens. I'll post a pic after Sunday to see how huge they are. Heh. Who knew?


Damn those mutants!

So, I spent a good portion of the night last night unwinding the massive root systems the beans have grown. The mutants are out of control. I transplanted them (had to go to the store to get more peat pots) so they all have their own little home. Hopefully, they won't continue to go quite so crazy. Need to do the other beans now. Didn't think I had that many plants and so just bought 50 pots. HA! I way underestimated my idiotic seeding. Need to grab another 50 so they are all on their own. I'm going to have beans coming out of every orifice there is. Assuming some of them produce anyway. Working on getting a compost container going too since we have all kinds of veggies left over that are going to be perfect for good compost (and about a million dead leaves). That's Paul's project for his days off this week to build a compost container. Then it's up to me to get it going. Hopefully, within about a month, I'll have something decent to give the plants. I'll take another pic after I get the others all transplanted. They aren't wilting or anything just yet, so hopefully I didn't kill em off.

Laura, check the mail in a couple of days. We're sending a 'surprise' to you and Al. Sorta Al's B-day present, but it's really something for you both! Enjoy!

Did awful this weekend on the diet, so I need to come up with different ideas of how to stay on it when I go to NE. Especially since I have class for every weekend for 6 weeks in a row. I have so much to do, just thinking about it makes my brain ache. I need to do laundry, the only thing good I can say about the state of my house, is that at least no one else has to see it but me and Paul. The good thing is even though I gained a couple of pounds over the weekend, just by being good Mon-today, I've lost that again. I like the flexibility of this diet. Paul's doing good too although he ate us out of house and home last weekend. He's going to be starting his own blog about the Capri his sister gave him. I'm going to try to show him how to set that up tonight. Well, that's about it for now. I'm sure I have way more to tell you, but I better go be somewhat productive at work.


Monday, March 06, 2006

Attack of the mutant plants! Run for it!

Yes, I planted what I thought was normal seeds from perfectly normal vegetables. I didn't realize I was about to embark on my own 'little shop of horrors' journey. Check these bad dogs out!

So, the problem is now that I can't exactly plant these guys in the ground just yet because it's a little too cold. I don't want to kill them off by pre-maturely sticking them in the ground. Just in case you wanted to know, is where I got the seeds and I planted them in Miracle Grow. Apparently a dangerous combination! We'd bought seeds last year at Lowe's and it took 4-6 weeks to get them to the transplantation point. And only about 40-50% grew, but not Gurney's I'm not sure what steriods they put in there, but they work hella good. I'm wiped out, so will try to blog more later and tell you all about my weekend and my upcoming 5 weeks from hell.