Monday, August 31, 2009


I was very privileged to attend the celebration of my Uncle Bruce's life! What a wonderful tribute!! There was plenty of laughter and beer drinking that I think he would have approved.

Uncle Bruce had over 300 people attend his memorial and what a testimony to the very full life he led. He truly never met a stranger and he while he will be missed, I couldn't have asked for a more joyful celebration of the life he led while he was with us on this planet.

I hope that everyone can learn from his example and truly love your fellow person. Thank you Unc, for allowing me to be one of the many people you cared for! I am so grateful to have been in your life!


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A rootdigger said...

I like the way you described it. I landed on this page, cause your my neighbor."next blog" is shown above. I am 'behind blog'
any way it was nice to meet you my neighbor.