Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My favorite Uncle...

So, here we are in August and it's been an alternately wonderful and sad summer so far. While we had a blast at the big family reunion trip, we were all worried about our beloved uncle who's gotten progressively worse.

Cancer not only kills, but it destroys the essence of the person it is killing. It takes their dignity and their strength. But as long as we are left on this earth, our memories stand strong. While there is pain, there is also love. We can bask in the remembrance of those that have gone before us, secure in our knowledge that we let them know how very important they were to us. Every moment, every breath we have, is for those people who have placed a finger on our hearts. And my uncle is one of those.

Love you, my favorite Uncle. May the way be easy for you.

I will continue to try to better this world and make it a place where cancer cannot have another parent, spouse, uncle, aunt, grandparent, cousin, brother, sister or friend. Take my hair, take my blood, take my money. But stop taking people I love.


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A rootdigger said...

yes, stop taking people we love.