Wednesday, July 08, 2009

And a month+ passes

I am an awful blogger. And it's even the good season, when interesting and fun things are happening in the garden.

We've enjoyed zucchini, cucumbers (although these are prematurely dying off), tomatoes, zucchini and pumpkin flowers and green beans already.

I go out there and am amazed at how HUGE everything is. The zucchini are under attack and I haven't been able to kill all those bastard squash bugs, but here's to hoping they won't get them all.

I have no pictures to share because I am truly that lazy. So many things have happened since I blogged last. Let's do the reader's digest version of the Potters.

1) Mom and Dad visited, we ate and shopped. Dad tried to fix my laptop power cord, which I think worked, but since my logic board is fried (I think), it doesn't really matter. Good try though Dad!

2) Potter bought a Rat Truck thingee. Go read his blog if you actually give a damn.

3) Garden is massive and huge. Grass is still a problem. Bugs are definitely an issue.

4) We're kicking Time Warner Cable to the curb (we hope). DishNetwork has a helluva deal and that's who we're hoping will slap a dish on our house and give me entertainment. I will FINALLY have a DVR. Welcome to 2009.

5) I bought a new iMac. It will kick ass in every way. I also got a free iPod Touch. I am so geeked out about it, I actually had a dream on Saturday night. In the dream, I was uploading movies. My life is quite sad really.

6) Speaking of dreams, Beth will be so proud, but I totally had a dream about zombies last night.

7) Relay for Life is coming up on the 24th! I have to walk. Probably would help me out if I hadn't totally just slammed some fried green tomatoes for dinner tonight.

8) Potter is still on overnights. I am still watching/doing whatever I want. Heh.

9) The 4th of July was un-eventful although we went to a friend's house and watched boys with their fireworks and played a game.

10) Life continues on.


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