Saturday, May 23, 2009

No worries!

I survived my ride-a-long!! It was in reality kinda boring. These poor guys get called out on a lot of goofy stuff. The most scary thing was racing to a call. The HUGE amount of multi-tasking that was going on was CRAZY! He would be hitting siren sounds, typing into a computer, driving at 80 mph and trying not to hit the idiots that wouldn't get over for him. My life flashed before my eyes several times.

We had a nice chat along the way and he's a fairly new officer (been on the force for 2 yrs) so that was interesting. Although I felt super old. We went on 6 calls in the 3 hours I did the ride-a-long. All were goofy. Nothing too exciting, although that's ok by me. The officer kept apologizing for boring me, but I was all "Hey as long as I leave here with no gunshot wounds, it was a good night." 

Apparently, they do ride-a-longs all the time, you just have to apply for it. We met up with another officer who had a civilian with him too, so it's pretty common. 

Unfortunately, I have no great stories to entertain you with. Just a suggestion, don't call the cops for something goofy. 


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